Our Guarantee

BIYU Trading Company Ltd offers all customers a 100% guarantee with every product that is purchased. We hope you never have any worries or frustrations regarding the products you purchase through our site, however, if you do happen to have any disappointments, depending on the claim which we will look into, we will be more than happy to exchange or refund items, all expect shipping costs.

We take great pride in the high quality of the products we have in stock across our site, and understand how important it is to sell items that are made properly and to a certain standard. We take it very seriously, hence the reason why every third-party agent that we employ in the logistics of BIYU Trading is selected through a severe quality check.

This means that all raw materials and manufacturing strategies will have undergone extreme checks and post-manufacturing testing to ensure they are apt to be sold on our site, and perfect to be purchased by our wonderful customers. This way we can be sure that every product on our site is fit for purpose, reducing the need to return or refund products due to issues with the item.

Ultimately our customers come first, and we want to ensure by following these extreme quality checks, we are providing them with the best options they can possibly find.