Our Team

The BIYU Trading Company team is made up of two charismatic and extremely talented individuals. The two individuals who co-founded the business, proudly focus on creating a better alternative for customer requirements within the company they have built. Together they created BIYU as an online retailer platform which stocks and supplies an exclusive range of family friendly products at fantastic prices. Their extensive catalogue of products ranges from baby products, to home & garden products, to pet products, and everything in between, catering for all family needs, something they felt was extremely important when setting up the business.

Yuling & Charles initiated the business of BIYU Trading to provide a dependable platform for any customer-centric requirements whilst accumulating quality and convenience at the best price.

Yuling is the operational director of BIYU Trading Company Ltd which means she assists upper management in setting goals that promote company growth. She also increases the efficiency within the business and reduces costs by constantly developing new and updated plans. As well as managing and leasing with suppliers and ensuring customer requirements are met appropriately.

Yuling has been an industry specialist in E-Commerce for over seven years, providing a huge amount of confidence and security for the business itself. Her experience enables the business to be successful and run smoothly, as she is extremely well equipped in dealing with any issues that may arise along the way.

Importantly, Yulingis the core of BIYU Trading Company Ltd, and her passion and drive is evidently seen throughout the business. Her main job roles day to day include being in charge of the general planning of the business, sales forecast, web branding, internet marketing and web analytics. She professionally provides the clear and direct direction of the business, along with any guidance BIYU Trading is in need of.

Charles, the other member of the team implements a huge amount of help and relief for Yuling by providing her with assistance. He works closely with Yuling in assisting with the developmentof the business, its operations and maintenance plans. Often, he will spend his time overseeing work, delegating tasks and monitoring the performance of BIYU Trading.

Together they make an extremely effective and strong team of individuals, both passionate about the business and ensuring it is being pushed to its maximum potential. Always putting their customers first, everything they do for the company is with them in mind, providing a service to best suit their target audience and contribute to the ease of family friendly online shopping.