Purchase a Gift Certificate

If you have spent hours searching for the perfect gift to give your friend, family member or work college, and still can’t seem to find anything, why not treat them with a gift card for the BIYU Trading Company website. By kindly gifting them with one of our gift cards, it enables them to pick out their own product, which you know for sure will go to good use. This way, there is no need to worry about choosing the perfect product or getting it wrong.

Due to the huge variety we offer on our site, your loved ones are sure to be spoilt for choice, and certainly grateful for your considerate gesture of an exclusive BIYU gift card. The gift cards are valid across our entire site and include all categories in which we sell within the business, offering you hundreds of products to pick from. Amazingly, thegift cards even carry discounts and bargaining abilities when making a purchase, so they will definitely come in handy in the future too.

As well as gift cards, we also offer special voucher codes which are exclusive to the BIYU Trading Company website. Providing codes that are one-time valid, these voucher codes are given exclusively for special occasions to our wonderful and loyal BIYU customers. We offer these codes out to those who are registered users with us and they cannot be transferred. Due to the exclusivity of the voucher codes, it also means that they are only valid for a limited period of time also.

Not only do you have to be registered with us, we want to ensure we are offering these special codes to our dedicated customers, hence why a previous purchase on the BIYU trading website must have been completed. Our amazing voucher codes will act as a one-time discount voucher and are restricted for particular selected products only.

This gift certificate will be emailed to the recipient after your order has been paid for.

I understand that gift certificates are non-refundable.